Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Mr. Hightower was one of the few poker players on the riverboat to actually have his name said out loud.  As he left the table for the last time, the dealer announced that "Hightower has left the table."

Mr. Hightower was an ancestor to a character who was better known for his presence in the Cineverse - Moses Hightower, a police officer who graduated from the "Police Academy".  But he did make one appearance in Toobworld, in an episode of 'Police Academy - The Series'.  

And by then he had become Captain Moses Hightower.

So we have one character who was in a movie based on a TV show, and his great-grandson who was a character in a TV show episode based on a movie franchise.

This is probably the best example this month of a "Little Big Screen" showcase!

Happy Trails To You!

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