Monday, August 25, 2014


One of the characters seen in the "Maverick" movie can't make a theoretical link back to the original TV series, but he certainly can be found in the sequel, 'Bret Maverick'....

Toothless Tim Teal was helping Bret out with a scam known only as "The Hidalgo Thing" around the turn of the century.  (Nowadays I guess I have to specify that it was the dawn of the 20th Century.)

Over ten years later, Toothless Tim was able to help out the Maverick Family once again.  By that time, Mr. Teal was working as the room clerk at the Crystal Palace hotel in a newborn town along the Crystal River out West.  Thanks to wise investments of the money he got from working with Bret, he may even have been the owner of the joint.

So besides riding into town on an ass to conduct business at the local bank, Bret Maverick Jr. was probably planning to spend at least one night at the Crystal Palace.  Junior probably figured that his father's old friend would certainly have room for him.

Happy Trails To You!

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