Sunday, July 27, 2014


Because of more pressing concerns in my so-called Life, I haven't been expanding the Toobworld Central DVD library as of late.  So I had some catching up to do.

And thanks to several Amazon deals, I think I'm done for awhile!

Here's my latest acquisitions:

'Tarzan' - The Second Season
I've been re-thinking my position on the TV series based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' greatest creation.  I was resigned to accepting Ron Ely's portrayal as THE Tarzan for Toobworld, even though the show was set in the 1960s and most of the canon had been stripped away to make a version that paled to the adventures in BookWorld.

Since then, I've decided to accept something from BookWorld as having happened in Toobworld as well - Tarzan's exposure to an immortality formula.  That way, this Wold Newton family member from the Edwardian Age could still be hale and hearty in the Summer of Love.

There are plenty of guest stars whom I'm looking forward to, but it's one in particular, to be found in the final story of the series - Michael Dunn.  I'm hoping I could make the claim that he was Dr. Miquelito Loveless in disguise!

'Father Brown'
This is the complete series about G.K. Chesterton's crime-solving priest from the early 1970s and starring Kenneth More.  If I'm not mistaken, Father Brown is part of the Wold Newton Universe.  I'm looking forward to these as I have been enjoying the Mark Williams' remake... even if it has to be relegated to the Land O' Remakes.

'The Avengers' - The Complete Diana Rigg as Emma Peel Collection
Sure, I already owned a "Best Of" which included "A Touch Of Brimstone", but I couldn't resist the price (via Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day).  And this will save me clogging up my DVR.....

"The Mel Brooks Collection" - Most of the movies he directed, from "The Twelve Chairs" to "Robin Hood: Men In Tights".  I'm surprised by the exclusion of "The Producers" and "Spaceballs", but maybe they're guaranteed money-makers on their own.  (Not surprised by "Life Sucks" (?) and "Dracula: Dead And Loving It" not being in the collection.)

And then there are the additions to my 'Doctor Who' collection:

"The Tenth Planet" - With William Hartnell, it's the story of Mondas, Earth's twin planet which plays a large role in the solar system of the TV Universe.  I had to see what I'm talking about!

"The Web Of Fear" & "The Enemy Of The World" - With my favorite actor as the Doctor, Patrick Troughton.  Aside from the new-Who series relaunched in 2005, Troughton's adventures as the Second Incarnation will be the only ones I collect to completion.  And the fact that these two stories were considered forever lost made it even more appealing to me as a televisiologist.

"An Adventure In Space And Time" - From the TV dimension which shows the behind the scenes drama of TV shows, this movie tells the story of how Sidney Newman and Verity Lambert brought together all the elements needed to create the timeless classic of 'Doctor Who'.  

And because of the sad news this past weekend:

'Nichols' - the complete series
'Bret Maverick' - the complete series

Both shows only ran one season, but I would have continued watching them for as long as they could have run.  I'm especially looking forward to seeing the final episode of 'Nichols'.  I had to miss it when it first aired due to an altar boy meeting, but I learned what happened in the years since.  Doesn't matter; I still want to see it for myself......

Until next time, True Belaborers!

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