Tuesday, June 3, 2014


NBC announced back in February that it will be bringing back its superhero series 'Heroes' as a 13 part mini-series called 'Heroes Reborn.'

The creator of the original series, Tim Kring, will nce again be in charge of the production with a new cast of "super-heroes". (The president of NBC Entertainment hinted that several of the original characters might come back.  This could mean either as regulars or as cameos.)  Going full-out on this being a multi-platform event, the characters and the storylines will first appear in a digital series beforehand.

The original series debuted in 2006 and ran for four years,  but the show petered out long before it was cancelled - at least to my way of thinking.  For me, interest in the show died with the first season finale when it became apparent they were going to drag things out with the Sylar storyline instead of killing him off and moving on to a new "Big Bad" for the next season.

And the characters of 'Heroes' diverged to a new timeline once Future Hiro returne to the Past to confront Peter Petrelli.  After that, there were new occupants to the White House and other contradictions to the mainstays of the main Toobworld.

But I suppose I will check it out when the time comes.....


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