Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Mark Wahlberg is one of the executive producers for a remake of a 1980's angelic drama.  

'Highway To Heaven' starred Michael Landon as angel Jonathan Smith, who traveled across the country helping mortals with problems in their lives. 

But with this new A&E remake, the network's general manager, David McKillop, announced that it would be edgier and set in the contemporary time of the 21st Century. 

More than likely, if this remake follows tradition, then the new angel will have the same name as the original. Normally that would automatically send the show into an alternate TV dimension.  

But what if angels - like pan-dimensional demi-gods - can change their physical appearance?

The show could then remain in the main Toobworld.  However, if they recast the role of ex-cop Mark Gordon, rather than give Jonathan a new partner, off it goes to an alternate dimension!

If the angel gets a new name, no problem - Earth Prime-Time it is!

If it does have to go to another dimension, that description of it being "edgier" might make it a candidate for Evil Toobworld......


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