Friday, May 9, 2014


Bob Hoskins, the British actor who recently passed away at the age of 71, was responsible for bringing several BookWorld citizens to life in the TV Universe (although not necessarily in the dimension of Earth Prime-Time.)

Here are some of them:

Mr. Badger
"The Wind In The Willows"

I don't think any version of the Kenneth Grahame classic belongs in Earth Prime-Time.  But Hoskins' portrayal was the latest and a case could be made for it, I suppose.

But it all depends on how it was interpreted with its first TV production:  Although it is likely to be lost due to it never being recorded, Kenneth More's portrayal of Badger in the 1946 teleplay of "Toad Of Toad Hall" would be the first incarnation of Badger and would likely to be found in the dimension of ToobStage.

Wilkins Micawber
"David Copperfield"

To be found in some alternate TV dimension.  It will be the second appearance of Mr. Micawber on television, in 1956, that will be the official portrayal of the character for Earth Prime-Time.  Hilton Edwards played Micawber in a thirteen episode mini-series in 1956.  (The first time Micawber appeared on our TV screens was in a two part production of "David Copperfield" for 'Robert Montgomery Presents', starring J. Pat O'Malley.)

Sancho Panza
"Don Quixote"

This would be an alternate Toobworld because the Spanish mini-series 'El Quijote' must have priority.

First Mate Smee
(based on "Peter Pan")

Since Hoskins also played Smee in the movie "Hook", then "Neverland" would be found in one of the TV Movie Borderlands.....

Good night and may God bless.....

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