Friday, April 4, 2014


In the 'Psych' finale, Shawn Spencer left Santa Barbara to join his lady love, Detective Juliet O'Hara, in San Francisco.  (She was working there as head detective for Chief Karen Vick, her old boss at the SBPD.)

Burton "Gus" Guster gave up everything he had in Santa Barbara to follow Shawn.  Once in Frisco, they tracked down Jules and Chief Vick at a crime scene, where Shawn offered his services as a "psychic" detective.
But Chief Vick had to turn him down.  Apparently the SFPD already had their own guy.  And at that moment he was in the kitchen, alphabetizing the pantry.

Someone on the police force, in San Francisco, and who seems to have OCD.....

It had to be Adrian Monk!

I was so expecting Tony Shahoub to poke his head around the corner for a quick cameo, but it was not to be.  But this suggestive mention was enough and we didn't need this final scene between four TV characters we Psych-Os have come to love to be overshadowed.  Dayenu.

Shawn Spencer and Adrian Monk have met before on several occasions, but always in the Promoverse thanks to a clever marketing campaign by the USA Network.  Now we have the "confirmation" that they share Earth Prime-Time as well.  (Confirmed enough for me at any rate.)

Toobworld goes on forever.  Even if the show is cancelled, those characters, like Monk before them, will live on in the City by the Bay.  And the same holds true for many other TV characters whom we once watched in San Francisco.

In what would be the never-seen season of 'Psych', they could have so many guest stars who had prior connections to San Francisco return to reprise those roles once again:
  • 'Christine Cromwell'
  • 'Amy Prentiss'
  • 'Nash Bridges'
  • Jack Killian, the 'Midnight Caller'
  • The Halliwell Sisters of 'Charmed'
  • The Salinger Siblings of 'Party Of Five'
  • The Rush Sisters from 'Too Close For Comfort'
  • 'Bert D'Angelo (Superstar)'
  • 'Dharma & Greg'
  • 'Eli Stone'
  • Sgt. Charlie Enright, who used to work with Commissioner 'McMillan & Wife'
  • 'Phyllis' Lindstrom
  • Quinn Mallory and the other 'Sliders'
  • Dan Vasser, the 'Journeyman'
  • The blended family members of 'Full House'
  • The guys from 'Dads'
As mentioned above, we could have Sgt. Enright (probably of a higher rank by now, if not retired), but not Stuart McMillan or his wife Sally.  Sally was killed off in the show while the death of Rock Hudson would prove a hindrance to having the commissioner return.

But that wouldn't stop the show from invoking their presence just as they did with Monk in the finale.  And that would hold true for so many other characters as well like Doctor "Trapper" John McIntyre and Chief Robert T. Ironside.  And old TV shows could be invoked by returning to the locations they once used, like the St. Gregory 'Hotel' and taking it as far back as pozz'ble, the Hotel Carlton which had been the base of operations for Paladin on 'Have Gun Will Travel'.

'Psych' won't be back and these are all just fantasies on my part.  But then, that's what the Toobworld Dynamic is: a fantasy....


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Mattkind said...

I know this doesn't really count for Tube World But in current Marvel Comics DareDevil and the X men both live in San Francisco