Tuesday, April 1, 2014



When Jeannie finally learned when her birthday was (April 1st), she threw a party for herself.  Among her guests were William Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, Marie Antoinette, Henry VIII, Cleopatra, and Ben Franklin.  Leonardo da Vinci might have been there as well, since he designed the dress that Jeannie was wearing.

Jeannie told her Master, Major Tony Nelson, that all of her guests were friends of hers.  

But do you know the back-story for Jeannie?

Around 32 B.C., Jeannie was a young human girl in Baghdad who was obsessively loved by a powerful genie known as the Blue Djinn.  But when she spurned his advances, the Djinn was enraged and in anger he transformed Jeannie into a genie herself.  He locked her away in a bottle which was then tossed into the seas.  There Jeannie would remain for a thousand years until Tony found the bottle on a deserted island after his space mission.

So if she had been locked away for 2000 years, how could she have met all these famous people from different points along the Toobworld timeline.

The answer is a simple splainin: Time Travel.

We've seen Jeannie practice it in the past, like when she and Major Nelson met Captain Kidd.  So to go back to the late 1500's, the mid-1930s, perhaps to 1790, and at some point after 1752 and before 30 BC, in order to meet them all.  (With regards to Cleopatra, Jeannie may have gone back to renew her acquaintance with the Egyptian Queen since it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that they knew each other already back then.)

This also means that Jeannie used her magic to travel through Time other times which we never got to see on the screen.  

And that includes to a New York City nightclub back in the 1950s.  Maybe that trip was never seen in the TV show by the audience of the Trueniverse, but perhaps there is photographic evidence that it happened.......

I put it to you that Jeannie took Major Nelson back in Time to 1958 for a night at the Club Babaloo.  Why?  Maybe it was no longer in existence by the mid-1960s (sold as part of the Ricardos' divorce settlement, perhaps) and Tony happened to express a desire to have visited it before it closed down.  Always trying to please her Master, Jeannie took them back there in a blink of her eyes.

There they met the club's owner and his wife, Ricky and Lucy Ricardo.  As Jeannie's heart belonged to her Master, there was no way she would have lured Ricardo into a dalliance.  Nevertheless, Ricardo must have been enamored of her and kept her dance card full that night at Club Babalu.

And as we can see by this picture, that did not go over well with Ricky's wife, Lucy Ricardo.  Needless to say, Major Nelson probably wasn't too happy about it either......

A few years later, the Ricardos were divorced.  And this confrontation may have been the lit match that led to the break up of their marriage....


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