Tuesday, March 4, 2014


"When Larry King died, they didn't just cancel his show; 
They got Piers Morgan to come in and do his show."
Michael Scott
'The Office'

Say so long to "Piers Morgan Live".  CNN has cancelled the prime-time news program after three years on the air.  Larry King's show had been yanked to put this on the air. but Morgan was never able to match the king's ratings.  And King was already being bested in the ratings by other cable news companies in that 9 pm slot.

But "Piers Morgan Live" is confirmed as being part of Earth Prime-Time as five Toobworldlings made appearances on the show:

'Franklin & Bash'
"Coffee and Cream"
  • Peter Bash
  • Jared Franklin
  • Rachel King

'2 Broke Girls'
"And the Tip Slip"
  • Max Black
  • Caroline Channing
Since the show appeared in those two shows, not just the fictional televersion of Piers Morgan, then 'Piers Morgan Live' would count towards Morgan's requirements for membership in the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame.

Not that he needed it, because he also portrayed himself in the fourth episode of 'The Dame Edna Treatment'.  In this series, Dame Edna Everage and her daughter Valmai ran Spar Edna, a health facility.

'The Dame Edna Treatment'
"Episode #1.4"

Plus there's the quote at the top of the page.  Being recognized by a Toobworldling confirms one's existence in the TV Universe.

Luckily I have Hap Richards talking about me on camera and I could be seen with David Letterman in the 100th episode of 'The Late Show', so I'm good.....


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