Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I knew about the crossover between 'CSI: NY' (the host series) and 'Cold Case'.  This happened in May of 2007 in an episode called "Cold Reveal", in which Scotty Valens traveled up from Philadelphia to learn more about the connection which Stella Bonasera had to an unsolved case.

But 'Cold Case' had another crossover, according to Wikipedia......

In 2005, John Finn, Kathryn Morris and Jeremy Ratchford appeared in a satirical promo on the Irish language television station TG4. The commercial won a Gold Medal in the "Best Drama Promos" category of the 2007 Sharks International Advertising Awards Festival of Ireland (Sharks Awards). The promotion features John Finn and Kathryn Morris in character interrogating a murder suspect (Peader Cox) from the TG4 soap 'Ros na Rún' who refuses to speak in English; both detectives then begin talking in Gaelic, much to the surprise of Jeremy Ratchford's character. The promo tied in with a murder investigation in 'Ros na Rún'.

That two cops from Philadelphia would be involved in an Irish murder investigation seems a bit far-fetched, even for Toobworld.  (Although it might make more sense if I could speak Gaelic.)

As such, I think it belongs in the Promoverse with all of those USA Network promos that combine their shows.

What do you think?


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