Monday, June 10, 2013


Last week I introduced a new feature, probably on a short-term basis, of how the lives of ordinary people might change in the TV Universe.
Some people might not even have any changes to their situation.  Let's say you're a cop.  Do you have a strange last name?  Perhaps a disability of some sort?  At least a unique mode of transport? 
If so, you're ready for your berth in the NBC mystery wheel.
So here's another one of my Facebook friends with speculation about his own life during prime time....

Here he is with Jay Leno, the January, 2010 inductee into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame and soon to be departing host of the 'Tonight' show. And so within the world of the Toob, Brian now has connections to the slew of shows in which Jay Leno appeared as himself. (You can see a partial list of them here.)

Because of Jay's affinity for cars and Brian's interest in motorbikes, I think we'd be more likely to find Brian's televersion in one of those reality shows about such vehicles - 'Top Gear', 'American Chopper', 'Monster Garage', that sort of thing. 
For the title of Brian's show?  I think 'Granite Chopper' would be cool as he's based in New Hampshire.  Or something that uses the name of Meriden - like Yours Truly, Brian grew up in Meriden, Ct., and the village of Meriden is part of the New Hampshire town he currently lives in.
But whatever the title, Jay Leno would definitely be the guest star in the series premiere!
And when Brian gets around to doing helmet safety episode, he can get Gary Busey!
(One O'Bservation - The boys missed a connection to 'Lost' because of that "43".  "Missed it by that much!" as Maxwell Smart used to say.....)


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Hey Toby--nice work! You gave me a chuckle, C ya@ the re-union--BPK!!