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TERRY: Now…what about industry in town…?
SAM: Industry…uh…well…uh…we used to have the…uh…the box factory and the ice plant…but, of course, they’ve been closed for years now…

[Thanks to Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.]

It doesn't matter how trivial the information I glean from a TV show - if I can use it to link one show to another, I'll use it!

So when Ivan shared that snatch of dialogue (Heh heh... "snatch".....) from the penultimate episode of 'Mayberry RFD', it set off the bells and whistles in the only organ I have left that's still working half-way decently.

I thought to myself, "Well, this will be something new.  I don't think anybody has ever suggested a connection between 'Mayberry RFD' and 'Lost' before...."

Sam Jones said that the box factory in Mayberry closed down.  So here's the suggested link:

It closed down in Mayberry, North Carolina, but re-opened in Tustin, California.  Costs had become prohibitive in the East, what with all those "skilled" laborers and their union contracts, so the company decided to pull up stakes.  (The kinfolk of the company owner told him that California's the place he ought to be - cheap migrant labor!)

Decades later, the company was bought by lottery winner Hugo Reyes (aka Hurley), and it was the place where John Locke worked in the office.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!
As for the ice plant?  I can't figure out why that closed down.  I find it hard to believe that half of those rubes in Mayberry had working refrigerators.  Especially if Emmett serviced them.

But here's an idea.....  Ivan calls the son of Sam (Jones, I say, Jones, that is) "Mike the Idiot Boy".  Played Jodie Foster's brother Buddy, he didn't show up in the last two episodes of the series. 

Why is that?

It could be that the li'l doofus was playing with one of those old fridges and accidentally locked himself into one.  And Sam didn't notice that whole last week because he thought Mike was having a sleepover with his only friend, Fishface Harold......

With a downer suggestion like that, it's probably a good thing that 'Mayberry RFD' didn't survive the CBS purge of rural shows that following season!


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