Friday, March 15, 2013


According to Aunt Clara in the 'Bewitched' episode "The Corn Is As High As A Guernsey's Eye", Endora, Enchantra, and Hagitha tried to convince her that she should surrender her powers and transform herself into something useful. Aunt Clara gave it a try as a potted plant (but started wilting) and Samantha later thought she had turned herself into a cow.

I don't know if this a rule in the witches' handbook, but we have seen witches and warlocks changed into objects - like an upholstered chair and a Colonial bed-warmer. And outside that series, I think the home of Bartlett Finchley, as seen in "A Thing About Machines" (an episode of 'The Twilight Zone') was full of electrical devices that had once been witches and warlocks.

Now, you've probably noticed that Buddy Hackett's mug graces the top of this post.  Buddy Hackett never appeared on 'Bewitched', but somewhere out there in TV Land he must have portrayed a warlock who got so old that his powers were on the fritz. So he changed himself into a car.

The late comedian provided the voice for a sporty little vehicle in an episode of 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch':

No splainin was given as to why the car could talk, but Sabrina did buy it for five bucks over in the witches' dimension. So what else could be the reason as to why it could talk?

Don't bother answering; I'm sticking with this splainin...... Okay, fine! Yes, it could have been reinCARnation a la Agatha Crabtree in 'My Mother The Car', but I'm still sticking with my version!

  • If his warlock did dress in a Nehru jacket and love beads, it's a cinch that he was hanging around more with Serena than with Samantha.
  • His license plate was "530 V8C".  It might be a clue to his identity.  
  • "530" could be his age at transformation; the year of his birth; or the year of his death.  
  • Had the second part been "VC8", we could claim that the letters were his initials and that he was the eighth to bear that name.
  • But "V8C"?  No clue.
  • Unless....  Maybe it was supposed to be sounded together, as if his name had been "Vaetsi".
I like the look of that......


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