Sunday, March 10, 2013


It's time to pay the bills......

I was lucky enough to have Chuck McCann (who plays Oliver Hardy in this blipvert) accept my friend request on Facebook. I realize plenty of celebrities do so to expand their fan base, but Mr. McCann has either contacted me or responded to my comments on several occasions, so it's not just a publicity machine to him.

I'm also the proud owner of his book, the "Let's Have Fun Scrapbook", and an autographed copy to boot! It has a forward by Billy Crystal and may still contain a DVD as well. (You better check the details from Tally Productions.) It's available at Amazon and you can check it out at this link.

As to the content of the commercial? The only TV that Laurel and Hardy actually did themselves would be their appearance on 'This Is Your Life'. So should these two avatars be considered part of the main Toobworld as well?

Personally, I'm thinking Skitlandia is an honorable home for them.......


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