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Sister Jacqueline was a nun at the convent of San Tanco in Puerto Rico. She served as a protective aunt figure for novice Sister Bertrille and tried to help her, most times unwillingly, in her schemes which involved the younger nun's ability to fly in her cornet.

Sister Jacqueline had an identical cousin from another (unidentified) country who was another family member to join an order of nuns. Sister Annette* looks to have been a traditional Sister of Mercy who was doing missionary work in the African country of Katara. Despite being so far outside the mainstream, Sister Annette was very worldly. Her greatest material joy came from being the president of the Dale Robertson fan club - and thanks to OSI agent Steve Austin, she was able to meet the TV Western star.  (More on that next week in our League of Themselves tribute to Mr. Robertson.)

Sister Jacqueline had a sister, Mrs. Eleanor Bateman, who also resembled her.  She was the imperious head of the secretarial pool for all the government agencies in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we never learned what her maiden name was. We then would have known the last name for Sister Jacqueline at least.  (But when it comes to that, Sister Jacqueline's name may have been taken when she joined her order......)

'The Flying Nun'
'The Six Million Dollar Man' - "Little Orphan Airplane"
'The Rockford Files' - "The Battle-Ax And The Exploding Cigar"

Marge Redmond played all three roles.  Originally I had Sisters Jacqueline and Annette as actual sisters as well as "sisters".  But Caeric ArcLight informs me that not only did Sister Annette have an accent, but that they stated they were not from America.  I could have splained my way around the accent - too long among the Kataran population - but being non-American.  Still, if Corporal Randolph Agarn could have identical-looking family members from all over the world.....


* Most online sites have her name listed as "Annett", while the show's wikia had it as "Anneti".  But a DVD frame grab supplied by Caeric ArcLight had a caption that listed it as I would expect it to be spelled - "Annette".

My thanks to fellow Crossoverist Caeric ArcLight for all of his help on this post.  Without his help, I never would have known about Sister Annette......

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