Saturday, March 2, 2013


There are a lot of shows which have originated in the United States, but which have then been adapted for various foreign markets. (And America has done the same, probably beginning with 'All In The Family', adapted from the British 'Til Death Do Us Part'.)

Some TV shows have counterparts all over the world, but as long as cultural differences have been addressed - and most importantly, the names of the characters have been changed! - then they can all exist in the same TV dimension of Toobworld. (This is why I had to banish the Americanized 'Being Human' to another dimension - it was too specifically similar to the original British version. The same with 'Shameless', where the family had the same names as in the original.)

Here's a video compilation of a good example - several different incarnations of seminal classic 'The Honeymooners', yet all of them can remain in Earth Prime-Time. (Although as you'll see, some of the versions had casting changes. Those second versions would be from the Land of Remakes or from Evil Toobworld, perhaps. But definitely from an alternate TV dimension.)

Thanks to my Little Buddy Sean Cleary, currently living in Poland, for finding this........

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