Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Two of my brethren in the Brotherhood of Crossoverists came up with some interesting Missing Links which I found to be good enough to steal - er, to showcase here at the Inner Toob blog.

First up is a Facebook post by Caeric ArcLight:

So...I probably missed something and this isn't really a nod towards anything, but on the last episode of THE FOLLOWING, Shawn Ashmore's character said he was the second youngest agent in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Ashmore is only six months older than Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Spencer Reid (who was said to be the youngest member of the BAU) on CRIMINAL MINDS.

The name of Shawn Ashmore's character is Mike Weston, by the way, for those of you who want to add this theory to your own versions of Toobworld. And I believe Caeric's hypothesis is not only valid, but that Caeric could be credited in the 2013 Toobits Awards as this is now in the running for Best Theoretical Crossover.

Okay, here's the other one, from the Grand Poobah of the TVCU (Link to the Left!)

Robert Wronski writes:

On last night's Daily Show, during his interview with the New York Police Commissioner, Jon Stewart references Batman and Spider-Man as real people that fight crime in their city, and states that the commissioner can summon Batman from the roof. The commissioner doesn't disagree. Because it's a "fake news" show, I consider the Daily Show to count when it comes to crossovers. I know not all agree, so I'm posting here for those who may interested.

I never gave that possibility much thought, but in general this works for me. These are two members of the League of Themselves, in a Toobworld setting, discussing two of the costumed crime-fighters who once patrolled the streets of Gotham City and New York.

Thanks, Guys!

(Two for Tuesday!)

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