Thursday, December 27, 2012


In one of my very first postings about the TV Universe, back in the olden days of The Tubeworld Dynamic, I wrote about how everybody here in the "Trueniverse" has a counterpart in Toobworld.  And with reality programming, news reports, crowd shots at televized sports events, prank shows like 'Candid Camera' and home video programs, eventually we'll all show up on TV.

Take - oh, I don't know... say!  How about me?  Yes, take me for instance.  Thanks to 'The Hap Richards Show', 'Ranger Andy', "Late Show with David Letterman' and the TV movie "The Deadliest Season", my televersion grew up as a citizen of Joyville, visited the Ranger Station, was given a photocopy of Letterman's vacation picture by Dave himself, and went to a lot of hockey games.  (I'm not a hockey enthusiast, but I played one on TV.)

I'm fairly certain some of my friends would find that their televersions were aliens from other planets; some of them might even be clones; and I've got my suspicions that one of them is an android.  Two women I know would be witches, but the good type.  (Perhaps my goddaughter Rhiannon is a white witch in training......)

I'd also like to think that certain people in my life would still be alive in the TV Universe.....

A person's televersion doesn't even have to show up on TV to become a part of the Tele-Folks Directory......

For example:

In the penultimate episode of 'Leverage' ("The Toy Job"), the crew called on the services of a national network of "Blogger Moms" to help get their fake toy (Baby Joy-Rage or Baby Feels-A-Lot) some much needed hype.

I've got a second cousin who's a Blogger Mom.  And I'd like to think that even though the episode took place in Portland, Oregon, and she lives in Connecticut, Kelly was still called on to do her part in marketing the doll.

For those who might be interested in the musings of the Blogger Mom in my extended family, check out "The Teeny Tiny Mommy".  (The link can also be found to the left among those from other family members and friends.)

I'd love to hear about your televersions, either as seen on TV or what you'd like it to be.


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