Monday, December 24, 2012


It's Christmas Eve!  So this is fantastic timing!


'The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries'
1]  "Death At The Opera"
2]  "Rising Of The Moon"
3]  "The Worsted Viper"

Glady Mitchell

Peter Davision

Earth Prime-Time

From the
Mrs. Bradley and chauffeur George visit a seaside village to wish Inspector Christmas a happy retirement and find themselves investigating the murder of Chastity Baines, the daughter of Reverend Baines. Wrapped around the dead girl's neck is a worsted viper with her ring stuffed in its mouth. The circumstances remind Mrs. Bradley of her first case involving a cult led by Black Jack Briggs that killed virgins. George's daughter lives in the villages and he is shocked to learn that his daughter is engaged to be married. Things become serious when she is kidnapped and may be the cult's next victim. [Written by garykmcd]

"The Worsted Viper" ends the season with a double celebration: Mrs. B.'s esteemed colleague Inspector Christmas is being honored for services to a seaside town; at the same locale, George's daughter Cecily is marrying hotel clerk Ronald Quincey. The festivities are marred when the daughter of Reverend Baines turns up dead on the beach, a worsted viper tied around her neck and her hair roughly shorn. It reminds Mrs. B. of the case of Black Jack Briggs, involving similar murders centered on a religious cult. Another victim with a worsted viper appears, suggesting that this town has more to worry about than smugglers, adulterers, and chicken thieves. Add to that devil worshipers. Piecing together clues from the victims, the parish register, and letters to a local advice columnist called Miss Behavior, Mrs. B. concludes that the risk factors for sudden death are weddings and virginity, which point ominously to Cecily as the next target. In the course of the surprising solution, we learn how Inspector Christmas got his name.


  • As an added bonus, David Tennant played Max Valentine in "Death At The Opera" - you can see him in the background of the picture above.  So in one episode we had two of the actors who would play or had played the Doctor.  
  • They would become future in-laws as well, once Tennant married Davison's daughter (who played his clone-daughter in a 'Doctor Who' episode.  If their child doesn't grow up to play the Doctor as well......!)  
  • Christmas, Valentine?  Are they Doctor Who or Doctor When?


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