Sunday, June 17, 2012


In this year's season finale of 'Mad Men', Don Draper bumped into Peggy Olsen at the movie theater; both of them were playing hooky from their respective ad companies. As the scene ended we heard the theme music begin.

Here are the opening credits from that movie:

At the end of the episode, the theme song from another James Bond movie played over a montage of scenes showing where various characters stood at the end of the season.....

Both "Casino Royale" and "You Only Live Twice" came out in 1967, and each had different actors playing 007 - with different thematic attitudes: one serious, one comic.

In a way, and I think this was the intent of the use of these two movie themes, they represented the fact that Don Draper was two different men. Not just in the fact that he was originally Dick Whitman, but that his lives at home and at work could never be reconciled.


Even though the movie doesn't hold up at all after all these years, I still have fond memories of several scenes in "Casino Royale" and the entire score can not be beat!  I much prefer that theme song over "You Only Live Twice".

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