Wednesday, June 20, 2012


After posting that crossover between 'Missing' and 'Castle', I got an email the other day from Brad Mengel, a long-time member of Team Toobworld:

I just caught the final two episodes of 'Missing' (In Australia they showed all the episodes as 2 hours episodes)

When they introduce the new Interpol liaison they mention that she is Lady Susan Grantham, Making a connection between 'Missing' and 'Downton Abbey'.

From the ABC website:
[Dax] surprised to learn that Giancarlo assigned an Interpol agent named Susan Grantham to him before he got shot. She's to give him anything he needs. .

I dropped out of 'Missing' before that point, but there's no guarantee I would have noticed that anyway, so a BIG thanks to Brad for the catch!

Laura Haddock played the role, and within the bounds of Earth Prime-Time, she's somehow related to the Crawleys of 'Downton Abbey'.

Thanks again, Brad!


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