Thursday, April 5, 2012


Now that the first (only?) season of 'Alcatraz' is over, a fellow member of the FB Crossovers Forum had an interesting theory about a connection between that JJ Abrams show and 'Lost'......

James Bojaciuk:
Jorge Garcia--who played Hurley on 'Lost'--also plays Doc Soto on 'Alcatraz'. What's interesting about Doc Soto is in the offical biography he places on the back of all the books he writes. It notes that he holds the North American high score in "Galaga". Galaga was also the name of the submarine owned by the Dharma Initiative. 

That's probably a crossover, though the link between the submarine and the game is a bit hazy. We have two possibilities: 1) the Dharma Initiative also created the game Galaga to further their goals or 2) (my favorite) whoever named the ship was a huge fan of the game.

I think James' second theory best meets the tenet of Occam's Razor, so I'm going to agree with that as the most viable suggestion.

Thanks, James!


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