Monday, March 12, 2012


Paul Hartman

Out of all the TV characters to be found in the Tele-Folks Directory, it might seem surprising to learn that Emmett Clark, Mayberry's Mr. Fix-It, is a future candidate for the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame. And that doesn't even depend upon the following theory of "relateeveety".....

By the way, this is all conjecture.....

Emmett Clark had an older half brother from his mother's first marriage. His name was Sammy Morrissey and he was close to his younger half-brother when they were younger. They even went to a locksmith school together, but with different life goals in mind - Emmett wanted the expertise to expand his skills, so that he could fulfill his dream of opening his own fix-it shop. He chose to do so in Mayberry, North Carolina.

Sammy Morrissey, on the other hand, used the newfound knowledge of locksmithing to help him become a better cracksman - that is, a safe-cracker.

Sammy was good at his criminal endeavors, but not so good that he never got caught. He was eventually arrested and sent to prison. That time away prevented him from seeing his daughter Dorothy grow into adulthood, but she never stopped loving him. On the other hand, Emmett must have gravely disapproved of his brother's sinful ways, because he never mentioned Sammy or even acknowledge his existence to his friends in Mayberry. (Gee, I wonder why.....)

Eventually Sammy Morrissey got out of prison and he was approached by an advertising agency (rival to Sterling Cooper and McMann & Tate) to endorse their client's new "burglar-proof" safe. I'll be posting the video in the next post so that you can see what happened.

Meanwhile, his brother Emmett lived out his life with more low-key pursuits in Mayberry (although he did entertain the notion to open up a new business in Greenwood, North Carolina - as seen in 'The New Andy Griffith Show'.)

Like I said, Emmett Clark has enough TV credits to qualify for entry into the Hall of Fame, but this makes for a nice embellishment to his stature....


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