Friday, March 16, 2012


There's one last Super Bowl commercial I wanted to address, but I needed to do my research first on a TV show with which I had little knowledge. And those who know me understand I do as little research as possible, so I may be off on this theory....

First, here's the blipvert (and its prequel):

In general, I use these ads to make a connection to some TV show. But thanks to the idiot blood-sucker who showed up in the Audi with those sun-bright headlights, the vampires were wiped out before they could prove the connection I had in mind:

But that's a good thing, since now my suggestion can't be disproven....

Those vampires were partying outside the city limits of Portland, Oregon - a traditional celebration before battle.

And who were they going to battle? A pack of werewolves.

Everybody knows vampires and werewolves are natural enemies. It's an enmity that has been chronicled in movies like the "Twilight" and "Underground" franchises; but more importantly is the role it plays in the TV Universe - as seen in 'True Blood' and the two 'Being Human' incarnations being the chief examples.

And as this was just outside Portland, Oregon, there would have been a specific subset of werewolves they were after - the Blutbaden.

From Wikipedia:
Blutbaden (BLOOT-baad-in) are wolf-like wesen with a keen sense of smell and great strength. The Blutbaden are very violent when in packs and are provoked by the color red. Their sense of smell can be weakened by the herb wolfsbane and they are vulnerable to attacks to their lower back. Variants include the Wider Blutbad, a reformed Blutbad who abstains from the killing of humans through a regimen of diet, drugs, and exercise. They are the mythological basis for Big Bad Wolf. Blutbad literally means "bloodbath" in German.

Stuck in the middle of such a battle would have been the local "Grimm" - a wesen hunter named Nick Burkhardt and his CI, a blutbaden named Monroe.

So luckily it was all moot because of that Audi.

Eventually the remnants of those vampires' belongings - some clothes, the guitar, that Audi - would have been discovered in the woods, and may have been brought to the attention of Nick and his partner on the police force, Hank. Since this is a theory that would not be sanctioned by the powers that be suits at the network, then we have to assume Nick and his Wider Blutbad "sidekick" Monroe would have investigated what happened off-screen.

And should such a 2012 Audi with LED headlights be seen in any episode of 'Grimm' broadcast after the Super Bowl telecast, we could claim that it was the same one from the blipvert (probably found by a hiker. You can never trust those hikers, says the brother of an ALDHA enthusiast......)


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