Sunday, December 25, 2011


Last year, we wrote about Santa Larry, and promised that one day he would be inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame. As it's Christmas, that day is now.

Larry was a professional Santa Claus representative who seemed to have incredibly bad luck all across the country, from Seattle to Washington, D.C., into America's heartland with a gig in the town of Orson, and then back East to Philadelphia.

After writing up that story on Santa Larry, it appears that he finally got his wish to actually "become" Santa Claus. Actually, it looks as though he was chosen by the real Kris Kringle, old St. Nick, to serve as a "Santa soul-clone"*, in which he was given the ability to create some Christmas magic on behalf of the Jolly Old Elf.
His first mission proved to be a success, as he helped a few teens in California to re-discover the true meaning of Christmas:

He claimed to be Wesley Guttelson, a door-to-door door salesman, but by the end of the episode, we saw the evidence that he had been granted that Christmas magic as a Santa soul-clone.  And although it did come with a few bumps and bruises, Santa Larry probably felt it was worth it - and besides, he definitely had suffered worse in years past!
As for this Christmas season, things were looking good for Santa Larry as he continued the tradition of helping the real Santa Claus. As an example, he gave advice and approval to a gift selected by a guy for his girl-friend:

From this blipvert, we can see that Santa Larry has been promoted to being one of the many Santa soul-clones who actually carry out the delivery of gifts all across the world so that it all gets done in one night. Santa Larry was finally in "the Game".

But then... the trouble started once again.....

Poor dude just can't catch a break!

Don't these women realize how this will cause a retaliation against them come next Christmas? They all deserve to be on the real Santa's naughty list. And they should get coal in their stockings!
But at any rate, Santa Larry has added more appearances to his Toobworld resume and is more than qualified to be a member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.


* The soul-clone theory was developed by Chuck Loridans in regards to Dracula. I didn't think it worked for the many televersions of Dracula, but with a slight adjustment (to be something more beneficent), I think we can use the term to apply to the many "real" Santas in Toobworld who don't look like Charles Durning, the official Santa Claus of Earth Prime-Time.

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