Friday, December 16, 2011


Of all the seasonal words I could use to decribe Tommy Hilfiger's Christmas blipvert - Happy, Merry, Holly-Jolly - I think the best I could do would be "festive". But not in an Andy Williams kind of Christmas way.

The words I would use would be "deviant", "saturnalian", "orgiastic".... Word which certainly give me tidings of great joy - in my pants.

It's certainly a bizarre and diverse/perverse bunch at the Hilfiger mansion for the holidays - a Scorsese family member dressed for a low-rent 'Playboy After Dark', an Ecstasy-fueled raver in a bathing suit..... You know these people are going to be tossing off all their clothes by midnight, so it's a good thing one of Cleo's descendents is there to pull the plug on the lights so that we might avert our eyes.

But within the scope of Toobworld, where might the televersion of Tommy Hilfiger find such an eclectic bunch of friends?

Well, considering he's a fashion designer, I'd say from some department store's basement where they keep all the mannequins.

I think what we're seeing is a variation on those 'Twilight Zone' episodes of "The After Hours"* with all of the mannequins still draped in what they wore while on display at the store.

Of course, having all of these mannequins at his beck and call could cast the TV version of Mr. Hilfiger (NOT the real one, as my legal advisers urge me to mention) as a slave owner on his plantation. 

(One O'Bservation: Rolling up the mannequin from the boys' department in the carpet can't be a good sign......)

I wonder if the 'Party Down' caterers are in a backroom wearing pink bow-ties, or if they're mannequins as well?


* Because both versions of "The After Hours" have alternate endings from each other, I think we can include them both in the main Toobworld. You can judge for yourself in a few minutes.....

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Brian Leonard said...

"legal advisers"? Denny Crane?