Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I thought I might post some quick thoughts about various new TV series for the 2011 Fall season. Overall, I'd have to say this is one of the least interesting crop of new shows I've ever seen. I won't say they're the worst batch ever, but far too many of them are just not candidates for my DVR queue.

So here's the first one.....

(The CW)

I found the wole plotline in the pilot episode to be unbelievable. And there wasn't one character I liked; it's the type of hook that I must have in order to stay invested in a show. But here? I ended the hour not caring what happened to any of them, not even the ones played by actors I really like (and there were only three of them in this show.)

And as for that ending, I pegged that even before the episode started.

Apparently, the level of disbelief keeps rising each week. My friend Mara, who's studying to be a lawyer, had this to say about a later episode:

"Watching 'Ringer', and there's a scene where the FBI agent picks up Bridget's phone while she's in the next room and just goes through her outgoing calls list -- the lawyer in me was like, "Nuh uh, G-Man, you can't do that!" *shakes finger*"

But the important thing for Toobworld Central is this: From what I saw in that pilot episode, there was nothing to keep 'Ringer' out of Earth Prime-Time. But that could still happen farther down the line... if it lasts that long.


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