Friday, October 14, 2011


Here's another tele-quickie review for one of the new shows in the Fall 2011 TV season:


I was prepared to like this show. I'm a fan of Zooey Deschanel, moreso than of her sister who's on some other show - oh, what's her name on whaddyacallit?

I found the pilot to be great - as a self-contained one 'n' done story with the guys coming to the rescue of their new roommate.

But there's the rub - the story continues.

By the time I got around to the second episode, I now had the third in my queue as well. I got about five minutes into that second one - ten, tops - when I decided: nope, not for me. And so I erased it and the third one as well.

That awakening came when she bounced the basketball and destroyed the TV. True, that image was traumatic enough for one such as I, but it got me thinking - this 'New Girl' is the Lucy for a new millennium, and that first one with three indelible sitcoms to enforce the image (not ever counting 'Life With Lucy'!) was more than enough.

There were better things to do in my viewing life.

There's another reason I bailed - I had enough of the character Schmidt and his penchant to peel off his T-shirt. I don't care if he raised enough money to cure cancer with all the donations he made to the Douchebag Jar; I was done with him.
I will give 'New Girl' thanks, however, for adding to the Toobworld lexicon. "Adorkable" - probably the Toobits Award winner for Best New Coined Word for this year.

I will be interested in the sitcom for events outside the box - it's been yanked from the schedule, after posting impressive numbers in its first few weeks out, until late November because of FOX's commitment to the World Series. I've seen this tactic kill other shows in the past even if they had a following beforehand. So it'll be interesting to see if 'New Girl' survives the Big Hiatus.

Final analysis - A good sitcom that could be worth dropping in to visit on occasion, but not one for making the commitment.  And there's nothing to keep it from remaining in Earth Prime-Time.  They even replaced the character of Coach* from the pilot with a whole new character without just turning him into a recastaway.

* Damon Wayans Jr. already had a sweet gig with 'Happy Endings' on ABC......

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