Monday, June 6, 2011


For my birthday, I decided there should be two new inductees into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame for the Birthday Honors List. This is usually reserved for those TV characters that normally would not technically qualify for the honor.

The two "honorees" today fall into the category that was begun with Dr. Miguelito Loveless - that is, they played at least three characters who had enough in common to be considered the same person. (As long as the argument held up.)

With the three characters played by Irene Gilbert all rolled into "Nurse Griffin", each of them was a nurse in Los Angeles, but only one who had a name.

I wrote about this next entry previously in the Inner Toob blog, so I'm taking that post and revamping it slightly to make the case for her inclusion into the Hall......

Until I bought the DVD collection for myself, I used to watch the opening minutes of the 'Burke's Law' repeat which American Life Network used to show, in order to see who the guest stars were going to be. Then I would watch the full episode when I got home in the morning from work.

One night, I had to look up who the actress was playing Lucy Brewer, the woman who discovered the murder victim. (Like Marlyn Mason who was also in "Who Killed Jason Shaw?", she didn't merit a major credit at the beginning of the episode.)

Joyce Jameson played the slightly addled woman who did "favors" as her profession, and according to the, she played several women named Lucille over the course of her career. Even better, none of those other roles had last names attached to them and all of them were to be found in Los Angeles!

'The Fall Guy'
- "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harold" (1982) .... Lucille

- "They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" (1976) .... Lucille

"Promise Him Anything" (1975) (TV movie) .... Lucille

- "Kidding" (1975) .... Woman Stuck in Door

(I threw that last one in as a gimmee. After all, why shouldn't we assume that her name may have been Lucille, and Lucy Brewer at that?)

So, it could be that Joyce Jameson as Lucy Brewer was the same woman in all those TV shows and that one TV movie. And therefore, Lucille "Lucy" Brewer can be added to the TV Crossover Hall of Fame as part of my birthday honors list.

Sadly, Ms. Jameson won't ever know about it. She took her own life back in the 1980s.


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