Sunday, June 12, 2011


You're free to watch the entire video if you'd like; 'The Thunderbirds' are still fun after all these years. But I want to direct your attention to a certain piece of equipment that takes center stage two minutes and ten seconds into the video....

Although there are living puppets on Earth Prime-Time, with many of them tucked away Yazoo, the Living Island - the puppets' reservation, in a way - I also think there may be an alternate TV dimension in which the dominant life form is represented in puppetry. This would be the world of Supermarionation, where most of the characters from Gerry Anderson's TV series could be found.

And if so, I don't know if the Professor could be the puppet version of the Doctor, but he's more than likely some Gallifreyan Time Lord, perhaps even the puppet Master......

Sorry about that, Chief.
"It's only a model....."

What do you think?  Let me know!

(My thanks to Team Toobworld member, Hugh Davis, for bringing this to my attention.....)


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