Monday, June 27, 2011


Dr. Cal Lightman may have sown his own wild oats while at university, to such an extent that he might not even have realized that Emily is not his only child.

It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that while Cal was studying for his doctorate, he used his abilities to read people's body language and micro-expressions in order to score with women. Lots of women. And if Harry Flashman was his ancestor, it could be that Lightman followed in his footsteps and had sex with even the willing married women he met in the pubs.

One of these women may have been Mrs. Cartwright. And as one would expect in Toobworld, so redolent in soap opera conventions, she may have become pregnant by Lightman. Rather than cause trouble for herself, however, she probably passed the child off as being her husband Terry's.

As the boy, whom they named Jay, grew older, his resemblance to Lightman (diffused by the genetic additions of his Mum) became noticeable. They shared similar facial expressions - there was a time when Dr. Lightman was on the stand in a court case, and his snarky grin looked just like Jay's.

Terry Cartwright may have suspected that Jay was not his own, but it doesn't seem likely that he confronted Mrs. Cartwright about it. However, it may splain why he treated Jay so horribly in front of his friends, making fun of his deficiencies in the lower realms of anatomy, as it were.....

With Jay Cartwright's obsession with sex, it could be that the trait was a dominant one in the Flashman-Lightman family tree.......
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