Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well, I totally missed out on celebrating Vincent Price's 100th birthday yesterday, but it's never too late. 

Bill Hader (Thanks, Ivan!) does a fun impression of the Master of Horror as he hosted various TV specials in Skitlandia.  You can easily find several of them at least mentioned in blog posts if you do a search for "Vincent Price".

But I'd like to once again bring up one of my favorite theories of relateeveety, which dealt with Vincent Price's most eggstreme TV character......

It's also one of the Toobworld hypotheticals that another alien [who was] involved in that blast {and survived} had been a Conehead from Remulac. This Conehead, whether it was a male or a female somehow fit into the human society during the early stages of Soviet Russia and even fathered a half-human hybrid child who grew up to become an arch-villain in Gotham City.... Egghead.

Egghead would have been born in Russia several years after his Remulac parental unit crashed in Tunguska; probably in 1911, the same birth year as the actor who portrayed him - Vincent Price.

And that would make Egghead 100 years old as well.

Who knows?  Maybe due to his genetic background, he could still be alive in Toobworld!

So here's to you, Mr. Price.  In your memory I doff my cap.  Thank you for all the great movies and TV shows to which you contributed.....


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