Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The comic strip "Doonesbury" spent last week poking fun at the Rapture/apocalypse that was supposed to arrive on Saturday. Aside from the outdated joke at Donald Trump's expense, the best moment came on the "Doomsday" with this panel:
So as far as Gary Trudeau is concerned, "Doonesbury" does not share the same universe as "Peanuts". Which is fine, I guess - I'm not a caretaker for the fictional universe based on comic strips.

But in a side dimension to Earth Prime-Time, the Tooniverse, those two properties do co-exist. In 1977, John Hubley brought Trudeau's Walden Pond to life on the little screen, while more people are probably better acquainted with the cartoon versions of the "Peanuts" gang than they are with the original comic strip.

And to illustrate both "Tooniversions", I chose two characters with several things in common - they play the piano, they're both blonde, and they're both my favorite characters in their respective strips:



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