Thursday, March 3, 2011


Instant replays are incorporated into the TV Universe as temporal seismic activity. And these "time burps" don't just happen during televised football games.

In that same 'Columbo' episode I just wrote about, "Lady In Waiting", a temporal glitch occurred during the police investigation of the crime.

Take a look at about 19 minutes and 50 seconds into the running time - we see two of the detectives approach the door in the background and one pats the other on the shoulder.

Once Columbo is left alone with the characters played by Leslie Nielsen and Susan Clark, nearly 25 minutes into the show, we see the same scene occur as the other cops leave. But this time it's at a slightly different angle, zoomed in closer a bit.

This might have been due to a temporal glitch caused by a malfunctioning time machine in the vicinity.

And that doesn't mean it would have to be the Doctor. Come on! I'm not THAT O'Bsessed with 'Doctor Who'!

It could have been a TARDIS which belonged to the Rani or to the Master.....


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