Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sam Winchester as Jared Padalecki:
"For whatever reason, our lives are a TV show."

Dean Winchester as Jensen Ackles:
Why would anybody want to watch our lives?”

Sam Winchester as Jared Padalecki:
Well according to the interviewer, not very many people do.”
Actually, they were Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester as Jensen Ackles......

What a mind-bleep that Sweeps-ending episode of 'Supernatural' was for an old televisiologist like myself! If you didn't see it, "The French Mistake" had angel Balthazar toss Sam and Dean into a parallel TV dimension in order to "protect" them from the wrath of Raphael.

And that parallel dimension into which they landed? It was a world in which they were recognized not as Sam and Dean Winchester, but as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who play Sam and Dean Winchester on a TV show called 'Supernatural'. Genevieve Cortese Padalecki played herself as Jared's wife, but Dean as Jared only recognized her as the dead demon Ruby. When they saw Castiel the angel, they thought they were saved. But it turned out that this guy was Mischa Collins, the actor who played Castiel in the TV version - just like the guy back in the Trueniverse (our world).
But it wasn't our world, because in this TV dimension several of the counterparts to real-life figures were killed off.
Other people from the production side of 'Supernatural' showed up in the episode - Robert Singer, Eric Kripke, Jim Michaels, and Kevin Parks - but they were played by actors. (And apparently that really was the voice of producer Sera Gamble heard over the intercom, 'Charlie's Angels'-style.) You can expect to see Singer and Kripke at least in the "As Seen On TV" gallery. (I was hoping Eric Kripke would speak with an Elmer Fuddesque speech impediment, like "Bawwy Kwipke" on 'The Big Bang Theory'. "Ewic Kwipke" - heh heh.....)

It was easy enough to figure out which TV dimension they landed in. It was the home of 'Hi Honey, I'm Home' and all of those TV movies that dished the behind-the-scenes gossip on TV shows like 'Three's Company', 'Dynasty', and over in the UK, 'Steptoe And Son'.

February Sweeps don't make nearly as much of a splash as they once did, but I can't complain when this one did have some doozies like the 'Hot In Cleveland'/'All My Children' crossover, this episode of 'Supernatural', and best of all, the death of Justin Bieber on 'CSI'.
One final note on this 'Supernatural' episode.... The title "The French Mistake" came from "Blazing Saddles" - It was the song and dance number being rehearsed for the Buddy Bizarre movie musical when the cast of the Mel Brooks musical came crashing through from their own soundstage.

(Unfortunately, "BitchKitty" has disabled the ability to embed the video, but you can see it

A brilliant reference and an early contender for the 2011 Toobits Awards, Best Episode Title!



ArcLight said...

Loved this episode. Still need to pull out my DVDs and relive the time Marshall Teller ended up in a similar situation and instead of being his home, Eerie, Indiana was just a TV show.

Toby O'B said...

That's a series I really have to get; I used to love that show and it was also very Toobworldly throughout!