Thursday, February 3, 2011


My little buddy Sean, all the way from Taiwan, sent me this transcript excerpt from the latest episode of '30 Rock'. And a good thing too, because it just sailed right over my head!

Tracy Jordan:
"And I'm definitely getting a private island...."

"You're getting an island?"

Tracy Jordan:
"Every crazy A-lister owns an island.
Nicolas Cage, Celene Dion, Charles Widmore

(BTW - that's not a typo with the name of Tina Fey's character; that's the way Tracy says it - as one word.)

So with the mention of Charles Widmore being as real as Nicolas Cage and Celine Dion, and with no mention of 'Lost', we should be able to accept this as a legitimate connection between both shows.

However, '30 Rock' throws out references all the time to other TV shows AS TV shows which should be sharing the same TV dimension in which it resides. There are times when I just want to say, "Hang the sense of it," as Slartibartfast might, and toss '30 Rock' - along with 'The Larry Sanders Show' and 'Extras' and probably this new show 'Episodes' - into their own TV dimension and let them Zonk away to their hearts delight!

So it could be that Tracy had seen 'Lost' and was confusing a TV show with reality (as it is known in Toobworld, that is.) But for now, turning a blind eye to some of the more egregious Zonks, '30 Rock' and 'Lost' both exist in Earth Prime-Time. Somehow, Tracy learned about Charles Widmore - who, as a wealthy industrialist in the outside world, would have plenty of mentions in the news.

He just didn't know that Charles Widmore died on that island several years ago.....


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