Friday, January 21, 2011


Earlier tonight, Malcolm Jamal Warner guest-starred on the "Asian Population Studies" episode of 'Community' as Shirley's ex-husband Andre. It looks like he'll be a recurring character because he appears to have changed his ways and will definitely be back in Shirley's life.

We got a sense of his new course in life while he was outside the library talking to Jeff. And during that revelatory conversation, they were also able to squeeze in a pop culture reference!

When Jeff complimented Andre about his sweater, Andre said, "Thanks. My father gave it to me."

Within the reality of the sitcom, that's all it was - a statement as to where Andre got the sweater, from his Dad. But for the audience in the Trueniverse, the 'Community' writers wanted them to recognize the reference to 'The Cosby Show', in which Malcolm Jamal Warner played the song of Bill Cosby. And Cosby's character of Dr. Huxtable was known for the colorful sweaters he would wear......
But since 'The Cosby Show' was never mentioned, we have no worries bout a Zonk to be disabled!


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