Sunday, January 16, 2011


One thing that has to be said about the Toobworld spirits who give themselves a corporeal form by wearing puppet shells - they like to imitate things. Sometimes it's a chair, or a globe, maybe an animal form like a frog, or a pig, or a bear. In Gonzo's case, a weirdo.

But whatever type of puppet shell they wear, they then assume the characteristics of that form. They think of themselves as actually being the persona they have adopted.

There are puppet people out there who assume the form of actual people, as the televersions of real world celebrities. We've seen this in the TV shows 'Spitting Image' and 'D.C. Follies'. They are not the real thing, not even an incredible simulation, but they believe that they are.

And then there are those puppets who just wish they were somebody else. LIke 2010 Toobits Award winner Isaiah Mustafa.....


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