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In my attempts to make the tele-mosaic of the TV Universe more cohesive, my many theories could be looked upon as a form of technical fanfic. But I'm not presenting these splainins as definitive. They're just speculation as to what may have happened in order to unite various TV shows that previously had nothing in common.

As a case in point, I took the mention of a chemical company in a recent episode of 'Fringe' and swung for the fences in an attempt to connect it to such shows as 'The Avengers' and 'Columbo', plus a few other surprises.....

In December of 1961, at a British government research facility known as Dragonsfield*, tests were being conducted on a new material which would protect astronauts against radiation in outer space. This was all part of the long-range plan for Great Britain to establish a colony on the lunar surface by the late 1980's, and from there, to eventually colonize Mars. (The moon colony would be staffed with an international crew, but it would basically be a British project. The British goal to be the first to explore Mars for its suitability for colonization hit a snag in the early years of the new millennium when the exploratory spacecraft Guinevere 1 was captured by an alien race known as the Sycorax.)

Because of reports of sabotage and attacks on the personnel which led to one technician being killed by a lethal dose of radiation, intelligence agent John Steed (top professional) was at Dragonsfield to investigate these incidents. Ultimately he discovered that it was a foreign power which was behind these attacks and he uncovered the saboteur traitor within the research facility.

But the damage must have already been done to the reputation of Dragonsfield. It would have taken a few years but I think the British government eventually transferred most of their research from Dragonsfield to other, more secure, facilities around the nation. And because of strike actions by the unions in the early 1970's which severely damaged the British economy, the government would probably decide to sell the Dragonsfield research facility.

And I have the perfect suggestion for the potential buyer - millionaire industrialist Nathaniel Barrett. It probably would have been simple to convert the facility into a manufacturing plant for his chemical business. Just over a decade later, in January of 1972, D.L. Buckner planned to use his position as the corporate head of Stanford Chemicals in California to sell the corporation. He was opposed in this plan by his wife Doris, the corporation's chief lawyer (Everett Logan), and by Roger Stanford, the son of the founder of Stanford Chemicals. But Buckner planned on forcing Roger to support the plan by employing blackmail. The information gathered on Roger would put him out of favor with his Aunt Doris, who thought the world of her favored nephew.

Roger Stanford saw no recourse but to murder his uncle before D.L. Buckner could put his plan into motion. With an ingenious bomb designed to make Buckner's death look like a tragic mountain road car accident, Roger could have pulled off the perfect crime had any other detective investigated the case - other than Lt. Columbo.

Lieutenant Columbo at the Stanford Chemicals plant.

From this point on, with regards to Stanford Chemicals, it once again becomes speculation. It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble (as Muskie Muskrat would say in 'Deputy Dawg'), that Doris Buckner - with the advice of Elliott Logan - finally decided to sell Stanford Chemicals. I can't see her wanting to keep it - not with its association to the death of her husband, murdered by her beloved nephew. (It all sounds much too Shakespearean!)

And if she did finally sell the corporation, may I suggest as the buyer one Nathaniel Barrett? And with that deal, Barrett would have capitalized on the merger to become a billionaire industrialist, rather than just a millionaire.....

We never met Nathaniel Barrett in Toobworld. By the time he was first mentioned in a series (December of 2010), he apparently had been dead for some time.

But he had amassed a fortune, all centered on his leading corporation which was known as Stanfield Chemical. And I'm going to suggest that he came up with that name by blending together the names of his two major holdings, which made his industrial base an international power in the financial market:

Stanford Chemicals + Dragonsfield = Stanfield Chemical

Nathaniel Barrett's sole heir to the Stanfield Chemical fortune was his son, Roland David Barrett. Like Roger Stanford, Roland Barrett was a brilliant research scientist who made significant advances in the field of synthetic life on a cellular level.

That means he could actually bring the dead back to life.
But Roland was mentally unstable. He was fixated on a young ballerina named Amanda Walsh whom he knew in group therapy. After Amanda committed suicide, he was determined to bring her back to life. However, this meant that he not only had to steal her corpse, but to harvest the transplanted organs which had been donated by her grieving family.

Once he put her back together, Barrett successfully brought life back to the body, but whatever he had brought back, it was not his beloved Amanda. It was more of an empty vessel, closer to a feral animal.
At any point, this is just a wild theory based on the mention of the Stanfield Chemical fortune and how it might have come into existence. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll find a future for that corporation hidden away in the trivia of some other show, which I could then bring into this particular portion of the Toobworld "Great Link"....

'The Avengers' - "Dragonsfield"
'Space: 1999'
'Doctor Who' - "The Christmas Invasion"
'Columbo' - "Short Fuse"
'Fringe' - "Marionette"

* The "Dragonsfield" episode of 'The Avengers' is lost, victim to that insane BBC policy to wipe their tapes for re-use. Most of the paperwork, including scripts, is gone. Apparently no one is quite sure what the title actually meant, but the best guess is that "Dragonsfield" was the name of the research facility.


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