Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Right off the bat, I want to give a big thanks to MediumRob of "The Medium Is Not Enough", the fourth most popular TV blog in the UK, for not only pointing out this piece of Toobworld goodness but for supplying the screen captcha as well. I watched it twice, the second LOOKING for the reference, but couldn't find it. I think Rob watched it three times to get it for me - I'd say that was above and beyond, but it is such a funny show.....

On the most recent episode of 'Community', which combined an excellent spoof of movies like "The Right Stuff" and "Apollo 13" with finger-lickin' good product placement done right, there's a tech manual near Abed which has the word "Sunnydale" scrawled along its spine.

As Rob suggested, this must be a reference to 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' - the TV show, of course, not the movie.

How did a book from Sunnydale, California, end up at Greendale Community College in Colorado? That's an easy splainin!

Students are always selling off their text books after they're no longer needed, and eventually those books end up recycled back into the education system, somewhere. But while they still have ownership of those books, they mark them up - whether it's by highlighting key passages to study, or by showing school pride with the name of their school plastered along the spine.

In this case, that would be UC Sunnydale.....

(Thanks again, Rob!)

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