Thursday, April 22, 2010


I mentioned in the earlier news story about 'Outcasts', the next TV gig for Eric Mabius, that it couldn't be part of Earth Prime-Time because most of the planet's human population will be wiped out in 2040. And I pointed out that it was 'Six Feet Under' that was going to keep that from happening in the main Toobworld.

I was going to embed a video of the last six minutes of the 'Six Feet Under' finale, but realized that it was a massive spoiler for those people who still haven't seen the series through to its end. But I have no problem in posting these dates from the episode to show why "Life Goes On" after 2040 in Toobworld.
These title cards really don't give anything away, since everybody in Toobworld, like the real world - save for Ben Richards, Captain Jack Harkness, Duncan MacLeod, Richard Alpert, Kevin Sorbo (aka Hercules), Raphael Cain, witches and vampires on a technicality, and maybe Dana Scully, among others - eventually dies.

I'm just not going to give away HOW they died.


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