Thursday, April 22, 2010


According to Nellie Andreeva, Eric Mabius has moved to the UK now that 'Ugly Betty' has ended its run. From there, he'll be working on a new Kudos series called 'Outcasts'.

Here's Andreeva's description:

"Set in 2040 when a biological catastrophe wipes off human species on Earth, the show centers on a settlement of 50,000 emigrants from Earth on a life supporting planet in a neighboring solar system who have to start a new civilization. [Eric] Mabius will play the vice president of the evacuation program."

It's more than likely I won't be around to tend to the Garden of Toobworldly Delights, but I already know this can't take place in the TV dimension of Earth Prime-Time - life on Earth (as we view it) will still be taking place.

One might think that the source for those stories comes from 'Doctor Who' or the "Past" of 'Star Trek' or 'Babylon 5'. Some of it, yes. But another major contributor to Toobworld's future in that era is 'Six Feet Under', thanks to the look at how all of the characters meet their final fates seen in the series' finale.

Toobworld Central has no problem with the idea of the human race abandoning the planet in the Far Future (as seen in a certain show this coming Saturday) because there is so little by way of other TV show timelines to cause a temporal conflict. But even 30 years into the Future is much too close to ever be considered part of the Earth Prime-Time chronology.


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