Sunday, April 25, 2010


I saw the 'Doctor Who' episode "The Beast Below" a couple of times before it finally aired earlier tonight. (And relax, BBC-A - I recorded it and will watch it again when I get home in the morning!) Once was on a friend's PSP and the other time was via YouTube.

As expected, with it being in ten minute segments, the YouTube version was far from perfect. Whole chunks were missing, so that even though the story remained basically intact, there was some of the flavor missing.

But what struck me about the episode as seen on YouTube was the point where the Doctor yelled at the others that "Nobody human talks to me today!"

At that moment, the digital transfer on YouTube got strangely pixilated to look like this:

It's almost as if the Doctor's most inner demons had risen to the surface to become visible.

It was a freaky moment.....


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