Monday, March 29, 2010


On a recent episode of 'The Big Bang Theory', the four geeks/nerds/whatevers picked up a big box o' crap from some shop that was going out of business. Looking through their treasure trove, they found what they believed to be the one last remaining prop ring from the movie version of "The Lord Of The Rings".* As you might expect from Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj, they fought over the "One Ring" to the point where it almost destroyed their friendships.

Such a fixation on Tolkien's fantasy masterwork is not a problem for Toobworld as far as Zonks go. The books and the movies both exist in Earth Prime-Time, but the characters do not.

However, they do exist in The Tooniverse with adaptations of "The Hobbit" and "Return Of The King". And over in Skitlandia, Gollum and Frodo have their own sitcom , thanks to a sketch on 'Saturday Night Live' when Elijah Wood hosted the show.
So to the Zonks I say, "Thou shall not pass!"


*What could be troubling was the ALF doll and the Mr. Spock action figure with Mr. T's head on it. But these have been splained away in the past......

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Anonymous said...

Hey Toby - Ivy's friend Eric from her work here. Watching this BBT episode tonight for the first time. Heard it is very funny.