Wednesday, February 17, 2010


JJ Abrams has written and will direct his first TV pilot since 'Lost'. 'Undercovers', from Warner Bros. TV, revolves around Steven (Boris Kodjoe) and Samantha Bloom (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a husband and wife spy team who are re-activated by the CIA after years of retirement.

I've just finished watching Ms. Mbatha-Raw's nine episode arc on 'MI-5' (as 'Spooks' is known over here). She played Wes Carter's nanny Jenny, with whom MI-5 operative Adam Carter had a short affair after the death of his wife. But in Jenny's final appearance back in October of 2006 ("The Criminal"), Adam broke it off with her because it was just too dangerous. He couldn't risk her safety in the life that he chose.

She countered with "What if I choose it too?"

Perhaps Jenny already knew what that sort of life entailed....

It's an intriguing idea, but I don't think we can make the assumption for Toobworld tidyness that Jenny and Samantha Bloom are one and the same. Mrs. Bloom may have been working for the CIA undercover in the guise of "Jenny" in order to spy on the spies of our country's chief ally - and taking her involvement with Adam farther than originally intended. But it will probably turn out that the Blooms have been retired far longer than the four year span between those episodes of 'MI-5' and 'Undercovers' - if the Abrams project gets picked up, or if the pilot gets broadcast at least. It will probably even be stated in the pilot just how long they have been out of the game.


It could be that Jenny made such a comment because she already knew about that life thanks to her twin sister Samantha. The suggestion that Jenny was working undercover while with Adam could even hold true still; maybe both sisters ended up in the program. Who knows? Such a family plan could expand beyond the sisters and Samantha's husband Steven - maybe they got into the spy game because one of their parents (or both) were also spies.

If the series gets picked up, let's see how long it takes before they pull off that storyline. (Sounds more in keeping with 'Chuck'.)

Anyhoo, Ms. Mbatha-Raw is a beautiful woman and I hope Toobworld can land its own version of "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" so that we can see more of her......

As for Samantha Bloom and Jenny both looking like Viv Davis of 'Bonekickers' (above, right) and Tish Jones of 'Doctor Who' (left), that could either be chalked up to genetic coincidence, identical cousins, or Papa was a rolling stone....

By the way, "Samantha Bloom" could be an alias, cribbed from a woman long thought dead - but who was in fact in hiding with her father, Dr. Joseph Bloom, a scientist working on 'VR.5' technology....


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