Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Here's a quick theory of relateeveety:

Tonight on 'The Human Target', a young security agent working the monitors during "Lockdown" apologized to Chance's client for nearly getting him killed. And she revealed that she was "NiteOwl", the online "friend" that he had for the last few months. Her real name was Layla, however.

For once, this isn't a case of twin sisters, or identical cousins, or any other sort of exact double. But I'm going to make the claim that Layla's last name could be Hughes, and that she has an older sister named Dr. Diane Hughes, about nine years her senior (as seen in 'Jake 2.0').Like I said, they wouldn't be twins, there is an age difference, but it's more due to them both being intelligent and highly skilled in what they do. And both showed hidden depths of courage when it came time to step up for a friend....

Besides, they both look damned cute in glasses.....


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Brian Leonard said...

"...a young security agent working the monitors during 'Lockdown'..."

Wasn't that either Locke or "Henry Gale"?