Saturday, January 30, 2010


In the two-part 'Sarah Jane Adventures' story entitled "The Wedding Of Sarah Jane", Luke (Sarah Jane's son), his friends Clyde and Rani, and the Doctor his own self were trapped in a time loop (along with the "tin dog" K-9) - continuously reliving the 23rd second of the 23rd minute after 3 o'clock.

When they checked the various time-pieces around the wedding reception hall, this is how that time-lock appeared on a regular clock face: But this is how it looked on a digital clock, using military time: And there you have two of "the Numbers" used in the Valenzetti equation made famous in the TV series 'Lost'.

As I've stated before, I instinctively chose "42" as my favorite number in the sequence due to its use in 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy'. However, over time I've come to like "23" even moreso since it seemed so random and yet crops up so often in other shows..... BCnU!

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Sean Cleary said...

According to the Jewish practice of Kabbalah, 42 was the number G-d used to create the universe....

But, yeah, 23 sure has been popping up a lot.