Saturday, January 9, 2010


New Year's Day kicked off with two winners of the 2010 Toobits Awards and both of them were 'Doctor Who' related.

It's the one category that gets locked in early and there's no way I can change my mind later on in the year: First Crossover Of The Year. And you can't beat an entry on the first day of the year!

For next year I also sub-divided that category to accommodate both of these entries: one for an official cross-over and the other for a theoretical one.

First up, the first official cross-over for 2010:



On his farewell tour to visit all of his old Companions before his body went through regeneration, the Doctor saved young Luke Smith from being hit by a car just outside of his home. Before he re-entered his TARDIS, he turned to wave farewell to his former Companion Sarah Jane and her son. Then, in a bar located in the Zog city of Zagizalgul, the Doctor tracked down Captain Jack Harkness who was drowning his sorrows over the death of his lover Ianto Jones. The Doctor passed him a note which would give Captain Jack the inside edge in meeting Midshipman Frame, formerly of the galactic space cruiser the Titanic. (The note read: "His Name Is Alonso.") Now! As for the theoretical cross-over with 'Doctor Who'......


In the episode "The Great Repression", Phil and Lem sneaked down into the basement to rescue a little robot which lost its job sucking up the spills in the lab. While down there, they passed a Dalek which was right there near the entrance. So it's going to be the contention of Toobworld Central that the Dalek found in the Veridian Dynamic building in 2010 is the same "Dalek" which will be possessed and tortured in an underground Utah complex by Henry Van Statten.

This Dalek somehow survived the Time War against the Gallifreyan Time Lords and escaped before the Time Lock was set in place around that war. It ended up on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic around 1961, where it burned for three days from the re-entry friction into Earth's atmosphere.

It was then sold at auction over and over again until if finally landed in the possession of Henry Van Statten. So it could be that by 2009 the Veridian Dynamic corporation owned it before selling it to Van Statten a few years later, or Van Statten's corporate empire absorbed Veridian Dynamic into its structure.

Either way, the Dalek didn't really show signs of life until Van Statten took a personal interest in it. So the fact that the Dalek seen in 'Better Off Ted' just stood there fits in with the established canon of 'Doctor Who'. If you want to think it was just a prop, why are you loitering in Toobworld?


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