Sunday, January 3, 2010


Oh! Before I go, I just wanted to share this entry my brother AJ posted to one of his Facebook discussions.....

I believe Ernst Stavro Blofeld could have been the Master--keep in mind he had four separate (and known) "re-generations:" Donald Pleasence ("You Only Live Twice"), Telly Savalas ("On Her Majesty's.Secret Service"), Charles Gray ("Diamonds are Forever"), and Max von Sydow ("Never Say Never"). Of course the character appeared in seven Bond movies, though we don't always get to see his face--whatever shape it may have had.

Maybe he's been using Earth - and Spectre - as a base of operations just as the Doctor has. Don't forget the uncanny resemblance Elliot Carver ("Tomorrow Never Dies") has to the Master in the Holiday Special classic with Rowan Atkinson, et al, as the Doctor. Hmmmmnnn.

Holy crap, I sound just like my brother Toby!

Ahhh, family....... BCnU!

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