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I think for next year's collection of 'Doctor Who' blog posts for the annual "Who's On First" on New Year's Day, I'll just gather up the posts from the past year.

Beginning with this one.....
In the first half of "The End Of Time" (the final 'Doctor Who' episode to feature David Tennant as the official Doctor), the only decent scene had the Doctor and Wilf Mott in a heart-to-heart conversation in a coffee shop......

THE DOCTOR: Who are you?
WILF MOTT: I'm Wilfred Mott.
THE DOCTOR: No. People have waited hundreds of years to find me and then you manage it in a couple of hours.
WILF MOTT: Well, I was just lucky I suppose.
THE DOCTOR: No, we keep on meeting, Wilf. Over and over again. Like something is still connecting us.
WILF MOTT: What's so important about me?
THE DOCTOR: Exactly. Why you?

THE DOCTOR: I'm going to die.
WILF MOTT: Well, so am I one day.
THE DOCTOR: Don't you dare.
WILF MOTT: Alright, I'll try not to.
THE DOCTOR: I was told; "he will knock four times." That was the prophecy. Knock four times and then...
WILF MOTT: But I thought. When I saw you before you said your people could change, like, your whole body.
THE DOCTOR: I can still die. If I'm killed before regeneration then I'm dead. Even then, even if I change it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away. And I'm dead...

As powerful as the Doctor is, and during RTD's death-grip on the show the Time Lord had practically become a deity, I think he was still capable of being manipulated by celestial powers greater than he could ever be. And that would include the Angels of Destiny.....

Here's how the Charmed Wiki describes the Angels of Destiny:
The Angels of Destiny are the protectors and overseers of the Grand Design, ensuring that no one alters it unnaturally. They are portrayed as ethereal, graceful magical beings of the highest rank. They are above the Elders in the hierarchy of good, but they may be overshadowed by The Tribunal and/or The Cleaners. They are more powerful than the Angel of Death, Elders, and even Avatars. In season 8 episode "Vaya Con Leos", the Angel of Destiny may have suggested that there is a God above them who is the creator of all destinies, however this was not discussed further after Phoebe interrupted the angels conversation. Angels of Destiny possess tremendous amounts of power, being able to halt the orbit of Earth, halt time globally, alter reality and foresee the future. Their only known limitation is that they cannot help or control those who are outside of the time/space continuum, for they are beyond destiny's reach. Any other power(s) used on an Angel of Destiny as seen in season 4, has no affect as they are beyond that. The Angel of Destiny exists outside of space and time, with many angels covering many different destinies.

So O'Bviously they would be even more powerful than a Gallifreyan Time Lord. Since the Angel of Destiny exists outside of space and time, someone whose main strength lies in traveling through time and the relative dimensions in space would not be able to overpower the Angel.

At the same time, the Angel of Destiny would be unable to do anything in regards to the Doctor while he was flying about in the TARDIS, as he would be outside of the space/time continuum during that time. Therefore, the Angel of Destiny needed the Doctor away from the blue box - and on Earth - in order for the Time Lord to face his predetermined Fate. And therefore, it was necessary to use a pawn like Wilf Mott to keep the Doctor anchored in one place. That's why it was the Angel of Destiny that kept them connected.

I don't know why we only think of Earth as being under the sway of celestial beings like angels. They should be universal and so the concept of angels should hold true on other planets like Vulcan or Minbar. But for some reason Earth seems to hold their interest - it's a blessing... and a curse - and so the Angel of Destiny felt it necessary for the Tenth Incarnation of the Doctor to meet his fate on Toobworld.


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